Inwood Hill Park Compost Initiative

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Inwood Hill Park Compost Initiative

Post  erika espinal on Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:54 pm

Hi, Neighbors!

I'm really pleased that we are now able to compost our food scraps at the Nature Center and have made two drop-offs so far. I am completely new to composting and found the staff really helpful!
I was wondering if any of you have also had a positive experience, and if so, do you think we can encourage our neighbors to join in the effort?

I keep my food scraps in the freezer in ziploc bags so it's pretty hassle (and odor!) free. And it's great because I'm attracting less insects and vermin to my apt in the process. Win-win!

Below is the Nature Center's list of what can and cannot be composted:

Inwood Hill Park Community Compost Initiative

Please chop into small (~1”) pieces for speedy decomposition!

* Chopped up fruit & vegetable scraps (corn cobs, fruit rinds and cores etc.)
* Coffee grounds, paper filters, tea bags
* Breads and grains
* Stale flour, cereal, spices, beans, nutshells
* Crushed egg shells
* Food soiled paper towels, napkins and paper plates
* Grass clippings, plant trimmings and cut flowers [before they seed]
* Hay, straw, old potting soil, fresh leaves, dried leaves
* Dead plants , dried flowers, bouquets
* Small branches cut into 2" or smaller pieces
* Wood ash from untreated wood [no charcoal ash]
* Packing peanuts [the ones that dissolve in water. not Styrofoam]
* Animal fur, human hair, nail clippings, dryer lint
* Manure and bedding from hamsters, etc


* NO meat, bones, fish, dairy, eggs, fats, oils or grease
* NO plastic, plastic bags, twist ties, rubber bands etc.
* NO cat or dog waste
* NO dead animals
* NO large, thick or prickly branches
* NO invasive weeds or weeds with seeds
* NO pesticide-treated plants and grass clippings
* NO diseased plants
* NO treated wood or plywood sawdust or shavings
* NO charcoal ash

You can drop off your food scraps anytime the Nature Center is open, Wednesday thru Sunday from 10am-4pm.

If you have any suggestions for increasing participation, please share! I was thinking perhaps I could post flyers by the entrance doors and the laundry room letting people know what, when, where?

Happy composting!

erika espinal

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Re: Inwood Hill Park Compost Initiative

Post  Stephen Wilkinson on Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:29 pm

Excellent idea! flyers would be great!

Stephen Wilkinson

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